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110. Ask me anything! October salon owners Q and A

Delve into the challenges and opportunities within the salon industry in my monthly Q and A session. Filled with practical advice and fresh ideas.

In this episode you'll learn:

1. Customer retention is as important as attracting new clients in the salon business. Utilising methods such as lost client surveys and identifying client expectations can help in improving retention rates

2. Identifying whether a business's issue lies in revenue generation or expense management is crucial to profitability. Profitability is an indicator of the overall health of a business

3. In recruitment marketing, creativity is key. Using innovative strategies, such as asking clients to spread recruitment messages, can help in making recruitment marketing more interesting and effective

4. Text messages can be used effectively for client bookings. Providing clients with a booking link can encourage them to book online, making the process more efficient

5. Understanding who your clients are is vital for business strategies like memberships. Building a membership around a loyal clientele can be a successful strategy for salon businesses.

Categories: Goal-setting, Marketing, Money, Team