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109. Are you delegating enough? 5 tasks to pass on to free up your time

Explore the art of delegation and outsourcing to enhance your business productivity. Learn how to systemise, create feedback loops and trust others.

Lessons in this episode:

1. The art of delegation is crucial in boosting business productivity. Understanding the outcome of the tasks you're delegating and setting up a feedback loop are important aspects of successful delegation

2. Outsourcing low-value tasks such as laundry and deep cleaning can help improve efficiency. It's essential to systemise these tasks for flawless execution and to make adjustments when things are off-course

3. Trusting others and allowing them to approach tasks differently can bring about fresh ideas and methods that can benefit the business. It's important to understand that your way may not always be the best way

4. You should not be doing tasks that you're paying a manager to do. If you have a manager, they should be carrying out tasks in line with their job description, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of the business

5. Persistence is key in successful delegation. If a delegated task or system doesn't work out, don't abandon it but rather work on how it can be improved. This will ultimately help to boost your salon's potential

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