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99. Challenging the Salon Industry: Is now the time to be BRAVE?

This podcast episode addresses five bad habits in the salon industry that need to change for its future improvement and professional elevation

In this episode you'll learn:

1. The salon industry needs to break five key habits to improve the future of the profession. These include always fulfilling every client's wishes, addressing the verbal abuse often inflicted upon apprentices, misuse of team meetings for ridiculing staff, casual acceptance of mediocre performance, and controversially, refusing tips to elevate the industry's standing.

2. There is a need to bring young people into the industry in a more interesting and attractive manner, rather than relegating them to mundane tasks like sweeping and making coffee. This can also make them more profitable more quickly.

3. The industry needs to address the cycle of verbal abuse often inflicted upon apprentices and the misuse of team meetings as a means to ridicule staff.

4. Salons should stop tolerating poor performance and take responsibility for what happens in their businesses. If they knew they could replace a poorly performing person quickly, they would likely not tolerate their poor performance.

5. The salon industry should consider not accepting tips, as this aligns them with other service industry workers and may not be the level of professionalism they want to be perceived at. Instead, salons could potentially increase their prices and pay their teams better.


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