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146. How to turn new customers into brilliant regulars

Transform new salon visitors into loyal clients with goal-setting, relationship-building, and client retention strategies. Mid-year reset tips include

Lessons from this episode:

  1. Quarterly Goal Setting: Regularly revisiting both business and personal goals on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis ensures alignment and continuous progress.
  2. Client Acquisition Costs: Understanding the high costs and challenges of acquiring new clients highlights the importance of converting them into loyal, long-term patrons quickly.
  3. Pre-Visit Engagement: Building relationships with new clients before their first appointment through personalized communication, such as tailored emails and voice notes, can make them feel valued and welcomed.
  4. Post-Visit Follow-Up: Implementing courtesy calls and short-dated return visit vouchers can enhance client satisfaction and encourage repeat visits, turning new clients into regulars.
  5. Effective Selling: Emphasising the importance of consultations and selling, where connecting clients with the best solutions for them often involves additional services or take-home products, is crucial for building a profitable client base.

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