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144. Ask Me Anything - June 2024

Maximise salon success with Phil Jackson's expert tips for converting seasonal clients to loyal ones.

Lessons from this episode:

  1. Leverage prime locations by converting seasonal walk-ins into regular clients through targeted marketing strategies, such as email and social media campaigns.
  2. Revisit the service menu to focus on promoting high-margin treatments, like facials, to boost profitability and offset the competition and low margins of services like nails and waxing.
  3. Enhance customer retention by offering specialised services that stand out in a competitive market, which may also attract clients from a wider geographical area.
  4. Implement referral programmes, such as 'recommend a friend', at strategic times of the year to generate new leads and potentially convert them into loyal customers.
  5. Consider establishing salon memberships to create a reliable income stream throughout the year, particularly focusing on services that are profitable and can keep the business busy during quieter seasons.

Categories: : Marketing, Money