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143. Could your salon be a lifeline? With 'Shear Haven' ambassador, Liz McKeon

Empower salon workers to spot and address domestic abuse with Liz McKeon's insights and the Shear Haven programme.

Lessons from this episode:

  1. Salon professionals can play a pivotal role in domestic abuse prevention by recognising subtle signs and providing support.
  2. Shear Haven equips salon workers with the knowledge to identify and respond appropriately to signs of abuse without overstepping boundaries.
  3. The professional-client relationship is uniquely intimate, offering a platform for victims to confide and seek help.
  4. Incorporating salon business education on domestic abuse awareness into academic curriculums could create widespread, educated allies in the fight against abuse.
  5. Understanding and addressing domestic abuse in salons can also benefit employees who may be experiencing abuse, highlighting the need for a supportive workplace environment.

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