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138. Is it time to Stop calling them Tough Times

Embrace resilience in life's highs and lows with Phil Jackson's insights and salon industry Q&A.

Lessons from this episode:

  • It's essential to shift our mindset away from the 'tough times' narrative and recognise the opportunities and growth that may be present in our current environment.
  • Acknowledging that hardships do occur, resilience and perspective can transform adversity into opportunity, leading to potential success and personal growth.
  • Even in challenging situations, it's crucial to differentiate between the factual circumstances of our lives and the stories we tell ourselves about them.
  • Playing it safe and 'battening down the hatches' during perceived tough times can prevent innovation and growth, so it's important to maintain an energetic, 'new salon crazy' approach.
  • Community engagement and feedback are invaluable, and sharing experiences, questions, and successes can help build resilience and provide insights within the industry.
  • Categories: : Goal-setting, Money