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133. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with beauty guru Sam Marshall

Explore salon inclusivity with expert Sam Marshall on crafting diverse beauty spaces.

Lessons from this episode:

  1. Embrace diversity by creating welcoming spaces in salons for clients and professionals of diverse backgrounds, including those who are differently-abled or part of the trans community.
  2. Adopt inclusive practices such as gender-neutral service lists and facilities, and use language that acknowledges and respects all gender identities.
  3. Understand the business benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion, including attracting a wider customer base and generating positive referrals known as the "whisper effect".
  4. Recognise the need for continuous education and improvement in salon inclusivity to ensure everyone feels safe and accepted.
  5. Take practical steps towards inclusivity, such as offering training on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and seeking to understand the lived experiences of marginalised groups.

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