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125. Is there more to salon education? with Education Specialist Chris Moody

Join us with guest Chris Moody, as we discuss the evolution of salon education, the role of regulation and the importance of authenticity.

Lessons from this episode:

1.  The growth of social media has revolutionised salon education by creating new learning avenues, but also has the potential to diminish the quality of education due to an oversaturated market of educators. Therefore, it's important to focus on improving teaching and pedagogical skills.

2.  The need for regulation in the salon education industry is perhaps overstated. While regulation can potentially protect learners from charlatans and ensure they get good value for their money it can also stifle creativity and innovation.

3.  The rich legacy and culture of the UK hairdressing industry, characterised by innovation and creativity, need to be maintained and pushed forward. However, to remain relevant in the global landscape, the UK needs to learn from emerging markets such as Asia Pacific and USA.

4.  There is no one-size-fits-all in salon education; both online and in-person learning have their own advantages. While in-person learning provides a physical connection and emotional energy, online learning offers accessibility and reach.

5.  Authenticity and personal experience are key in providing valuable education. For educators, it's important to remain connected to the end process and have first-hand experience in the industry. Additionally, leadership roles in salons can greatly benefit from incorporating teaching methodologies.

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