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111. Inspiration for your salon. Look outside the industry for great ideas.

Discover innovative strategies to elevate your salon business by borrowing brilliance from diverse industries, with real-life examples.

Lessons from this episode:

1. Drawing inspiration from outside the salon industry can revolutionise your business, as shown by the adoption of practices from the restaurant and airline sectors to improve client experiences and increase profits

2. Questioning common practices, such as the loyalty points system in the salon industry, can lead to more effective strategies, such as a demand-based pricing model

3. It is possible to offer different client experiences without affecting the desired results. This could involve a tiered pricing system, where the cost varies depending on the level of service provided

4. The use of a prescriptive approach, akin to an airline pilot, can yield impressive results in the salon industry, as it involves making decisions based on what's best for the client rather than what they think they want

5. Charging clients up-front for their services, as is common practice in the airline industry, can help to avoid cancellations and ensure the financial stability of the salon business.

Categories: : Goal-setting, Marketing, Money