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108. How quickly can you train the perfect salon client?

Transform new clients into loyal customers for your salon with this five-step strategy, fostering long-term relationships and boosting profitability.

In this episode you'll learn:

1. Developing a New Client Package: I share my strategy of creating a new client package that helps in transforming new clients into loyal customers.

2. Leveraging Retail Products: Providing a free retail product as part of the new client package is a strategy that the speaker uses to encourage clients to purchase professional products. This not only enhances their hair care experience but also boosts the salon's retail sales.

3. Using Discounts Strategically: The speaker emphasises that discounts should be used to shift client behaviour rather than merely attracting new customers. In his strategy, discounts are given on the second visit only if the client returns within six weeks, thus encouraging them to visit the salon more frequently.

4. Mandatory Implementation of New Client Package: For the new client package strategy to be effective, it must be mandatory for all new clients

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