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106. Ask me anything - September 2023

Explore effective salon marketing strategies, social media mastery, money making in this transformative Q and A episode.

In this episode you'll learn:

1. Implementing effective marketing strategies: The episode highlights the significance of 'recommend a friend' campaigns, 'lost client' marketing, and 'recovery promotions' to attract new clients and retain the existing ones in your salon business.

2. Consistency in social media posting: The podcast emphasises the importance of consistency in posting content on social media. Batching content together, reusing content in different formats, and maintaining regularity in posting are key strategies discussed.

3. Delegation and team responsibility: The episode addresses the need for team members to take responsibility for their performance and for the business owner to take responsibility for what exists in their business. Delegating tasks like social media posting can be helpful if it's becoming overwhelming.

4. Understanding financial aspects of the business: The host discusses his 'Get Paid Properly' program, which breaks down costs and helps salon owners understand their break-even point. This helps to comprehend where the money is being spent in the business.

5. The importance of pricing and cost control: If your salon is busy but there's barely anything left in the bank at the end of the month, it's essential to review pricing strategies and get a handle on outgoings. Raising prices or reducing costs could be potential solutions.

Categories: : Goal-setting, Marketing, Money, Team