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102. Want to BOOST your team's performance? The simple shortcut to better numbers in your salon

Join us for an inspiring chat, unlocking the secrets of performance management. Learn, laugh, and boost your salon's success in this engaging episode

In this episode you'll learn:

1. Performance Management in Salons: Effective performance management requires a three-part structure: understanding what has been achieved, what is yet to be achieved, and what support team members need. For salons, four key performance measures are essential: service uptake, client retention, client loyalty, and retail.

2. The Importance of Feedback: Providing constructive feedback to team members is crucial for continuous improvement. Topics to discuss can include the three-part structure of performance management.

3. The Role of Measures in Salon Performance: The episode underscores the importance of measuring performance in the salon industry. From service uptake, client retention, client loyalty, to retail, all these measures provide insight into a salon's performance.

4. Utilisation as a Performance Measure: The utilisation measure, which refers to how much of a stylist or therapist's time is booked with paying customers, is critical in getting a more rounded picture of a salon's performance. This measure helps in accounting for any promotional activity that a salon might be doing.

5. Focus on One Measure at a Time: For effective coaching and manageable improvement, the episode recommends focusing on improving one measure at a time. Once there is improvement in that measure, then the focus can shift to another one. This strategy ensures that the improvement process is not overwhelming and is manageable.


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