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101. Ask me anything - August 2023

Join Phil Jackson in discussing strategies to boost clientele and overcome challenges in the hair and beauty business. Listen now!

In this episode you'll learn:

1. Increasing clientele in your salon doesn't have a magic trick but requires a systematic approach, starting with understanding if you're dealing with a client retention issue or a need to attract new clients.

2. Frequency of client visits plays a crucial role in the success of your salon business. If there's a drop in frequency, it's necessary to identify and address the underlying issue.

3. If your salon is experiencing a client retention problem, it's important to fix this first before trying to attract new clients. Pouring new clients into a system that is not retaining existing ones is counterproductive.

4. As a salon owner, taking responsibility for all happenings in your business is essential, be it positive or negative. Owning up to the situation gives you control over solutions and improvements.

5. Tracking and measuring numbers in your business can help identify patterns and problems, and consequently aid in finding the appropriate solutions. It's crucial to analyse whether the issue lies in the average bill, number of clients, or frequency of visits.


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